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Energy Assessments for New Houses, Extensions and Units.
Our team of assessors and consultants aim is to offer a professional service for Energy Assessments. We can also provide energy efficiency residential building reports on how to achieve better energy efficiency through design. Our focus is mainly on Queensland (6 Star Energy Efficiency Certificate) and New South Wales (BASIX Certificate). We will consider projects in any area of Australia.
Assessments for Private Clients, Company Clients, Architects, Builders and Owner Builders.
We can provide Certification in the following areas:
6 Star Energy Efficiency Certificate for new homes, extension to existing home and for units in Queensland.
BASIX Certificate for new homes, extension to existing home and for units in New South Wales.
Energy Certificates based on a star rating system for other States and Territories in Australia.

We can provide advice in the following areas:
Energy Efficient Building design.
How to improve an existing design so it is more energy efficient.
Which material and building components to use and where to use them to achieve a higher energy rating.
How to use the surrounding environment to passively heat or cool your home.

Our services cover single and multi storey constructions for new houses, extensions to existing houses, pre-fabricated and modular building systems, duplexes, townhouses and small unit complexes. We also have experience in homes based on shipping containers.
What will an energy assessment do for you.
Why bother to have an energy efficient house other than to comply with government legislation?
The cost of energy is going up, it never goes down. An energy efficient home will cost less to run and use fewer resources. When you consider the life span of a house, 100 years or more, this can add up to a considerable amount. Energy efficient homes are usually nicer homes to live in. They have a smaller temperature range and are easier to keep cool in summer with better crossflow ventilation and shading or to keep warm in winter with better insulation and building components which reduce heat loss. An energy efficient home often will have a better resale because of these two factors, they have cheaper everyday energy costs and provide a nicer, thermally comfortable environment to live in.
How soon can you get an energy assessment.
We could promise you the world, or we can say you will receive preliminary report within 5 working days of us receiving your plans.
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