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Residential Energy Assessments.
We provide an service to supply you with an energy assessment your project. An energy assessment is usually required for a Development Application or Certification. A more in-depth report can show how you can make your project more energy efficent.

While our main focus is on Queensland and New South Wales, Tweed Coast Energy Assessments is licenced and accredited to supply energy assessment throughout Australia. We are based on the Queensland/New South Wales border and naturally our focus is on these two states. We have all the certification, licences and insurances in place to enable us to do this.

All new homes in Queensland require a 6 Star Energy Rating Certificate. The software we use, BERS Pro, allows us to generate NatHERS Certificates for this purpose. BERS Pro can show how each zone or room is rating which then identifies problem areas. This then enables us to give advice on how to rectify a poorly rating house because we know where the problem is. It also generates a Building Element Report gives an list of all construction elements and a detailed analysis of all the information available on a room by room basis. Extensions to existing houses require a certificate for the proposed extension or a they can require a certificate for the entire house (existing house + extension). This depends on the size of the extension in relation to the existing house.

New South Wales
All new houses and residential units, extensions worth more than $50,000 or all pools over 40,000 lt. built as an addition to an existing dwelling in New South Wales require BASIX Certificate. This is provided by using BASIX Assessment Tool provided on the BASIX website. A BASIX Certificate covers three main areas, water use, thermal comfort and energy use. It is a more comprehensive system than used in the other states and requires a lot more information. We have been providing BASIX Certificates since their introduction in 2005. All unit developments and multi-dwelling developments require a qualified assessor to provide a certificate for the heating and cooling loads needed in the thermal comfort part of the BASIX Certificate. Tweed Coast Energy Assessments is a qualified assessor and we can provide BASIX Certificates for unit developments and multi-dwelling developments.

Other areas in Australia.
The different states and territories have different requirements. We can provide energy assessment tailored to the requirements of each state or territory.

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